FAQ - E-mail archiving

SwitchMail Archiving provides the ability to place searches for messages, sender, recipients and even within attachments based on your archiving policy with reports. You can also bookmark these reports.

Yes, you can grant multiple users or groups access to a shared mailbox.

Yes, mail folders, contacts and calendars can be browsed.

Yes, the archive can be backed up, exported or restored in the mailbox. Even if you change mail environment you will not suffer from legacy.

Yes, every search result in SwitchMail Archiving can be exported in PDF format to serve as proof.

Your email archive is located in the Netherlands or Europe in an ISO 27001 certified data center which is managed by ID Control as processor.

Yes, you can archive this email locally in the EU. You can then adjust the data retention policy at Google or Microsoft.

Almost all email servers and services are supported that organizations use.