FAQ - E-mail encryption

Not all emails sent need to be encrypted. Emails to be encrypted are emails containing confidential information. 

To send an encrypted email, simply enter the keyword [secure] (without brackets) anywhere in the subject line of the message. Note that you don't have to put spaces between the subject of the message and the tag [secure].

Encrypted emails are available for 30 days from the date of sending.

If you see the “Reply” link, it is because the sender of the message allows the recipients to reply to the message. If the recipient is allowed to reply to a message, the reply will be sent securely via SwitchMail.

Yes, SwitchMail supports all email environments including Exchange and Office365,

The DLP module protects against accidental data breaches, but does not protect you from an experienced attacker. Any DLP vendor who claims to be able to detect all information leaks is not telling the full story.

Yes, SwitchMail offers the most options for email encryption, decryption and digital signing. You can think of S / Mime, PGP, PDF Encryption and TLS.

Yes, you can send your mails using Office 365 encrypted with SwitchMail.

Tip: Also take a look at SwitchMail Archiving for Office365