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Secure e-mail

Encrypt e-mail

Do you know who reads your e-mail? No? However, your email can be read by all kinds of people in different places on the internet.
E-mail was not originally designed as a secure business communication tool. The standard security of email therefore leaves something to be desired.

E-mail Archiving

Your organization is required to archive e-mail. This obligation is partly imposed by the tax authorities; partly it is an accounting obligation. Compliance also plays a role (compliance with laws, regulations and internal company guidelines). Management is responsible for archiving mail. Employees often regret that the e-mail has become too slow or cannot be found.

Strong authentication

When receiving and archiving secure mail, it is important to protect it against unauthorized access. Strong authentication via mobile with a one-time password ensures that the recipient of the secure e-mail or user of the archive are who they claim they are.

Fortunately, SwitchMail e-mail encryption and archiving with strong authentication is the solution.